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What to do in an Emergency

Dear Valued Client,

I am very grateful that since I began this business in 1985, there has never been an occasion where I have not been able to fulfill my contract with my client.  I take my commitment to my clients very seriously.

In the realm of all possibilities there might be circumstances which could prevent me (or any DJ) from performing.  Given sufficient notice, alternate arrangements can be effected without much inconvenience. However, if such a circumstance were to occur, for instance, on the day of your event, it would be very upsetting to you.

Aside from the things I do (and all DJ's should do) to mitigate the possibility of such an unfortunate circumstance, it is important that you know what do if an emergency should arise that I am unable to handle personally.  I highly recommend that you contact the following trustworthy professionals to assist you.  Over the years I have recommended them to family friends and clients with great success!

Mr. Tony Corda, TC Entertainment Cell: 914-373-1548 or tcentertainment@verizon.net

Ms. Audrey Wyman, Event Planner, Coordinated Celebration Inc. Phone: 914-723-2239, Cell: 914-960-2209; or audreywyman@optimum.net

Mr. Joe Shane, All Digital Mobile Music. Phone: 914-769-9056, Cell: 914-450-4887 or joeshane@AllDigitalMobileMusic.com

American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA), Get-A-DJ-Fast, 888-723-5776 or office@adja.org

I am hopeful that this information will put your mind at ease, so that you can focus on the happy event you are planning and know that every reasonable contingency is covered.


DJ Mark

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